Welcome to the official website of Kid Power Pedal Tractor Pulls!

We are the largest pedal tractor pull company in the world! All the fantastic venues we go to have made us pretty popular. We are always excited to put on the best show in the country.

Check out our schedule. Look for us in a community near you this year. If you are looking to host a pull, please contact us right away. Our schedule fills up quickly.

We hope you enjoy your visit with us. Please check out all of the pages. We update the schedule page almost daily, and we will add photos of the events as they happen.

We are always open to helpful comments, please let us know what you think. Enjoy the site and see you at a tractor pull!

From our fans:

City of Lonsdale:

"You do a such great job with kids and communities, connecting with each puller and inspiring them to do their absolute best. Keep up the outstanding work, any town or event is always better with Kid Power on the scene!"

- Tim

"That was so sweet of you to send us that note. No need to thank us, you're the one that deserves the thanks. You did such a GREAT job again as always. You and your family do so much for communities every weekend by doing these pulls. I only hope that you have some quiet time to spend together as a family. No doubt you will always be the one to do the pull in Lonsdale. No one else can fill your shoes. Hope you have a great rest of the summer."

- Tim and Deb